Ultrasonic plastic welding machine working principle: Converting 50/60 hz current to 15 KHZ, 20 KHZ, 35 KHZ high frequency current by Converter, The high frequency electric energy of converted by ultrasonic transducer again converted into mechanical movement of the same frequency, then through a set of mechanical movement can change amplitude modulator device is passed to the ultrasonic welding head.Welding head will receive the ultra sonic vibration energy transfer to the stay of welding joints.In ultrasonic vibration energy, the region is converted into heat energy by high-speed friction, plastic melt.Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, welding time and welding head pressure can be adjusted, the amplitude is determined by the transducer and the amplitude.Ultrasonic plastic welding machine classification:
A, 20 k ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine or ultrasonic machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine according to the power and performance is mainly divided into:
1, low power, high frequency, such as: hand-held QO - 2830 spot welding machine, hand-held iron bead machine, etc.
2, high power high frequency machine, such as: high precision welding of 28 k, 35 k, 800 w, 1000 w desktop, split type ultrasonic machine.
3, medium frequency and power of commonly used models, such as commonly used 20 k, 1500 w, 20 k, 2000 w split one-piece machine
4, low frequency high power machines, such as 3200 w.4200 w all-in-one machine and so on!
B, according to the frame structure is mainly divided into handheld ultrasound machine, split type ultrasonic plastic welding machine with one-piece ultrasonic welding machine and automatic rotating disc ultrasonic welding machine, etc
C, according to the operation mode, the main points and handheld, manual and automatic type ultrasonic machine.
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine features:
1)The whole machine numerical control machine, high precision
2)New improved, better performance
3)Original piezoelectric ceramic transducer, the output stable
4)Titanium alloy horns, durable
5)Frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation circuit
6)Debug setting soft start circuit, to avoid damage the mould
7)A full range of high quality import parts components, quality assurance
8)Welding of high efficiency and low defective rate
Ultrasonic plastic welding machine USES:
ltrasonic vibration with ultrasonic welding mold, ultrasonic energy conduction to the surface of plastic welding, thus produce local high temperature, melt plastic surface.Under the pressure of the ultrasonic welding machine, make two pieces of plastic welding, beautiful, strong effect.