Ultrasonic cleaning machine
300W miniature ultrasonic cleaning machine introduction:
1) Tank: adopt S304# thick 2.5mm stainless steel plate making, acid resistance and alkali resistance.
2) Transducer: high Q value of PZT converter, stability, strong ultrasonic power increased by 35% than the similar products, adhesive bonding technology unique, Switzerland imported Araldite make the transducer life doubled.
3)Acoustic generator:the world's original digital ultrasonic generator advanced stability, special design of split type ultrasonic generator, adapt to the humid and corrosive environment.
4)New type of thickened aluminum heater, high thermal efficiency, good conductivity, longer service life,. Automatic constant temperature: 30 to 110 centigrade can be adjusted. Save electricity energy.
The characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine:
1)The use of tap water, purified water;aqueous cleaning agent or corruption free solvent cleaning;
2)High power transducer cleaning effect is remarkable, can be observed by naked eye;
3)After cleaning the object shining;Mechanical control start time;
4)Mechanical control start time;
5)All stainless steel shell and the sound insulation cover, an inner liner, more upscale;
6)Waterproof performance is greatly improved, more safe and durable products

 Model QO-1004A QO-1006A      
Output Power 200W 300W      
Voltage 220V      
Frequency 28/40KHZ        
Volume 9L 14L      
Size inside groove(L*W*H) 230*200*200 mm 420*320*300 mm      
Size outer groove(L*W*H) 300*205*203mm  550*330*330 mm      
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