Its main principle is use high frequency electronic tube oscillator to produce a high frequency electromagnetic field, and then transmit the electromagnetic field to the plate electrode.Under the action of high frequency electric field, the molecular structure of PVC plastic appeared polarization and rapid flow, mutual friction collision itself to generate heat, under the effect of pressure welding permeable to achieve.The machine use international standard for human safety of high frequency 27.12 MHZ, if isn't doing a good shielding can cause interference of electronic devices around the machine. If the demand for shielding interference is higher, when buy the machine need  to add high-frequency shielding system.


1, this machine is designed for the front and rear disc structure, can be only one to one operation.When a station artificial remove products and placed the raw material, welding completed another location just right.So rotate in and out of a loop operation, make the human and machine can rational use to save manpower.


2, the machine is equipped with automatic over-current protection system.When the high frequency current load exceeds limit, it will automatically cut off the high frequency.Can protect the high frequency electronic oscillator tube from damage, avoid frequency drift caused by the improper operation of high frequency, high frequency mould and material damage to the minimum.


3, using high Q value electron oscillation tube, international industrial standard 27.12 MHz frequency of high frequency band, make big more stable, output rate is strong, can greatly reduce the high frequency welding time, improve product quality and yield.


4, the machine assembly equipment and oscillating current adjustmentand adjust the size of the output power homology.It`s easy and convenient to adjust.According to the product size and material thickness, can set the required high frequency current to control the extent of the high frequency welding, can guarantee product welding quality of uniform and beautiful.


5, the machine can be equipped with high sensitivity NL5557 spark protector.For thin and high precision products can accurately check out the unbalance current when produce sparks, and generate spark current rise, can quickly cut off in a flash tank inhibit spark, mold, products, raw materials and products to minimize the damage degree.For the thick material, generally do not need to install, suitable for ordinary spark protection system.




Output power5000W8000W
 Voltage380V   50/60HZ
Input power 8KVA 15KVA
RectifierSilicon rectifier diode
Oscillating tube7T85RB 7T69RB
Maximum pressure300KG500KG
Electrode spacing200mm
Active dimension100mm
Upper electrode size200*350mm300*450mm
Lower electrode size300*500mm 
Weld time 0---10sdjustable