1. automatic turntable high-frequency welding and cutting machine machine and automatic

sliding high-frequency fusing machine one of the biggest difference is that the automatic

sliding machine operation, need two more about rotate in and out of the processing, the

disc can be only one operation, but may be based on product complexity, artificial take put

too long relative production efficiency not high as sliding table two operations.
2.Turntable high-frequency welding and cutting machine is using low loss of European

standard coaxial resonator at high frequency, high frequency output power strong, can with

the fastest time make welding products, greatly improve the production.
3.Automatic turntable high-frequency welding and cutting machine driven by motor, using two

worktables turntable positioning groove, positioning accuracy fixed at a time.This machine

adopts two station production, automatic rotation, artificial only responsible for take

products, improve the yield and save artificial
4.This machine equipped with NL - 5557 high frequency spark protection system, high

sensitivity, prevent loss of high frequency mold.With frequency stabilizer and high

frequency high frequency shielding device, the high frequency interference to a minimum,

avoiding interference waves.At the same time can be avoided by frequency drift caused by

improper operation, make the electrodes and the material damage to the minimum at the same

time warning lamp also works simultaneously.
5.Automatic turntable high-frequency fusing machine oscillation frequency in line with the

international standard industrial band, by the high Q value vacuum electron tube oscillator

produces high frequency electromagnetic fields, make the processing of plastic in the high

frequency electric field between the electrodes, make its molecules produces friction

violent campaign, under the pressure of the mold to get the fusion effect.USES the C type

structure, the operator can be intuitive product welding cutting. 

Output Power 5000W 8000W 10000W  12000W  15000W
Anti-Spark System  
Voltage AC 380V/220V/440V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency 27.12MHz  +/- 0,6 % 
Input power 8KVA 15KVA          18KVA           20KVA           25KVA
Oscillation tube 7T85RB   7T69RB  E3069RB  E3130RB 8T85RB 
Max pressure 5T 10T 15T 20T 25T
Operation mode Pneumatic Operated (Hydraulic pressure upon request)
Max gap of electrodes 200mm
Size of active horn 100mm
Upper Electrode (L*W) 300*400mm 300*500mm 350*500mm  400*500mm 400*600mm  
Size of Work Table (L*W) 300*450mm 300*500mm 350*500mm 400*500mm 400*600mm  
Welding time  0~10s adjustable
Welcome to choose the turntable high frequeny machine, synchronous fusing machine, high frequency synchronization fusing machine, can also according to customer request custom all kinds of equipment