Structure features:

1, Manual push disc high frequency welding machine adopts single head push plate sliding table operations. Table panel is divided into left and right side dish plate. Mode of operation is driven by the operator or slide, push plate on both sides alternately pushed under head welding.

2, High frequency welding process is controlled by time. There is four time, respectively controlled rise time, fall time, welding time, cooling time.

3, High frequency welding machine mainly adopts the cylinder drives the two linear guide driven electrode plate on the operation principle. When the product is placed on the electrode, the upper electrode is pressed down, and the high circumferential weld is used after compaction. When the welding time is reached, the head electrode plate is then increased to the standby state.

4, Push type high frequency welding machine output high frequency current is strong, stable and reliable performance. The gas pressure can adjust according to the need of the welding of plastic materials, plastic sealing packaging requirements.

5, push type high frequency welding machine head is mainly applied to flat die installation way. Mold only need to be installed on the plate can be fixed, simple and convenient. The main advantage of the flat head is mainly to high frequency mould area larger plastic, plastic products sealing welding or blister sealing.

Electrical characteristics:

1, The machine with automatic over-current protection system, when the load current exceeds the limit value of the machine will automatically cut off the high frequency, protect the oscillating electron tube from damage and avoid high frequency shift caused by the improper operation.Make the high frequency mold and material damage to the minimum.

2, QO high frequency welding machine adopts electronic oscillator tube of high Q value and international industrial standard frequency 27.12 MHz frequency of high frequency band. Make it more stable output big, output rate is stronger, can significantly reduce the high frequency welding time and improve product quality and yield.

3, high frequency plastic welding machine is equipped with high sensitivity NL5557 spark protector, can accurate detection unbalanced current of sparks. When a spark current increases, can quickly cut off the tank inhibit spark in a flash, make the damage to the mold, raw materials and products to a minimum extent.

4,The machine assembly oscillating current adjustment device, the size of the output power homology. Adjustment method is simple and convenient, can according to product size and material thickness set required high frequency current. It can control the extent of the high frequency welding, to guarantee the product welding quality of uniform and beautiful.


Output power 5000W 8000W
 Voltage 380V   50/60HZ
Frequency 27.12MHZ
Input power 8KVA 15KVA
Rectifier Silicon rectifier diode
Oscillating tube 7T85RB 7T69RB
Maximum pressure 300KG  500KG
Electrode spacing 200mm
Active dimension 100mm
Upper electrode size 200*350mm 400*600mm
Lower electrode size 400*600mm 500*700mm
Weld time 0---10sdjustable