Ultrasonic cylindrical bottom welding machine features:

A, according to the characteristics of welding or bonding principle, high frequencyultrasonic cylindrical bottom welding machine is only suitable for welding PVCwelding, PET and various PVC30% containing the above materials, and ultrasonicwelding machine welding cylinder bottom of a wide range, whether it is PVC, PET,or PP plastic barrel bottom welding can, sealing machine welding and glue bondingrange also with ultrasonic welding as wide. But in the quality of welding products,high-frequency sealing good, product high welding strength, wave and hot pressing or glue are not up to that of high sealing and strong adhesive or welding strength.

B, according to the operating performance, automatic cylinder bottom coverwelding machine is often referred to as the cylinder cover machine, cylinder bottom cover sealing machine, is the use of four station automatic turntable cycle production, the use of precision segmentation positioning. And can be equipped with mechanical hand, after welding machine die hand out, put in the product box.Automatic rotary type ultrasonic cylindrical bottom welding machine welding effect is firm and beautiful and free of scratches, can satisfy the different diameter ofcylinder, height, thickness of material to cover the bottom adhesion, simple and efficient operation (2-5 seconds / adjustable), semi automatic cylinder cover machine relative efficiency is slightly lower, the machine cost low, production with artificial proficiency for efficiency index, manual cylinder bottom gluing machine,mainly used for dehydration of adhesive, machine setup is simple, only equipped with mould and with temperature and pressure head, manual take brushing glue,relative efficiency was the lowest, with less


Ultrasonic cylinder bottom welding machine is suitable for industry:

Ultrasonic welding machine is mainly the cylinder and the cylinder bottom machine,cylindrical curling machine supporting the use of ultrasonic welding machine, so the cylinder bottom applicable industry also is the cylinder machine applies to industry,also is the use of cylinder packaging industry products, such as: suitable for candypackaging, gift packaging, toy packaging, stationery packing, packaging, fishingumbrella packaging, packaging, packaging, badminton chips chips class leisurefood packaging, ideal packing container is also emerging daily products.

ultrasonic cylindrical bottom welding machine technical specifications:

Input voltage: 380V

Input power: 5KVA

Reactive power: 2600W

Bottom diameter: 40-200mm

Back height: 15-420mm

Production speed: 2-5 s / time

Ultrasonic frequency: 15Khz

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