Automatic rotary type high frequency cylinder cover machine, is popular to say that the plastic cylinder bottom cover welding machine or bottom cover bonding machine,cylinder cover bottom sealing machine.

High frequency cylinder bottom welding machine applicable industry:

High frequency cylinder bottom welding machine is mainly with the cylinder machine,cylindrical curling machine supporting the use, so the high frequency cylinder bottom welding machine is suitable for the industry is also the cylinder machine applies to industry, also is the use of cylinder packaging industry products, such as: suitable for candy packaging, gift packaging, toy packaging, packaging, packaging stationeryumbrella packaging, fishing gear, badminton, chips packaging, packagingdepartment sheet class leisure food packaging, ideal packing container is alsoemerging daily products.

High frequency cylinder bottom welding machine technical specifications:

Input voltage: 380V

Input power: 8KVA

Reactive power: 5000W

Bottom diameter: 40-200mm

Back height: 15-420mm

Production speed: 2-5 s / A

Frequency: 27.12Khz