Handheld ultrasonic ironing bead machine
Characteristics of ironing bead machine:
Ultrasonic ironing bead machine is the use of the principle of ultrasonic vibration friction heat, will bead welding in apparel fabric or leather leather material,Compared with the traditional hot blanching,ultrasonc welding is welding strong, flexible operation,fast welding in irregular patterns.and large output power, less power consumption, high welding speed,high stability... etc.
Applicable industry:
Applied to clothing / Footwear / Jewelry / glasses on the drill drilling and irregular products drill. Can be widely used in footwear, underwear, children's wear, T-Shirts, leather, handbags, wedding dress, hair ornaments, hats and other jewelry industry, can reduce the manual to the maximum extent, is the best alternative to conventional drilling hot product

 Model QO-3550A        
Output Power 500W        
Voltage 220V        
Frequency 35KHZ        
Weight 14KG        
Spot weld diameter 1-8mm        
Spot bead diameter 1-5mm        
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