Introducing the Automatic Disc Type High-Frequency Fuse Machine: Revolutionizing Production Efficiency

In today's fast-paced manufacturing industry, efficiency and productivity are paramount. To meet the demands of mass production while maintaining the highest quality standards, Qiao Company proudly presents the Automatic Disc Type High-Frequency Fuse Machine with mechanical product retrieval. This cutting-edge machine combines high-frequency fusion and synchronous cutting capabilities, providing a seamless solution for processing products that require precision and speed.

The working principle of the automatic high-frequency machine revolves around harnessing the power of high-frequency electromagnetic fields to promote molecular flow and penetration, resulting in a fusion of materials. With its fully automatic rotary table and product retrieval robot, this machine streamlines the production process, allowing for continuous rotation, welding, and automated product removal after the manual placement of raw materials.

Key Features of the Automatic Disc Type High-Frequency Fuse Machine with Mechanical Pick-Up:

  1. Continuous Production: The machine enables uninterrupted production with its automatic rotating disc feature. With manual feeding and automated product removal facilitated by a robotic arm, the production process becomes highly efficient and consistent.

  2. High-Frequency Synchronous Fuse: This machine excels at both fusing products and synchronously cutting and shaping them. It ensures precise and synchronized operations, delivering superior results.

  3. Powerful High-Frequency Output: Equipped with a low-loss European standard coaxial high-frequency resonator, this machine generates strong high-frequency output power. This power enables rapid fusion, significantly increasing production volumes.

  4. Durable Fuse Mold: To achieve optimal welding and cutting effects, a dedicated high-frequency fuse mold is necessary. Qiao's high-frequency fuse mold sets itself apart from others in the market by offering exceptional durability. The bottom mold never wears out and does not require frequent replacement, making it highly cost-effective. It can be used for approximately tens of thousands of cycles, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution.

  5. Precision and Efficiency: The automatic turntable design incorporates a precision divider device and is driven by a reliable Taiwanese motor. This enables automatic rotation and offers the option of 3-6 workstations, ensuring higher work efficiency. With its precise positioning, the machine operates seamlessly across four workstations. The robotic arm efficiently picks up materials, allowing for synchronous fusion.

  6. Adjustable Cutting Pressure and Enhanced Safety: The machine features adjustable cutting pressure ranging from 1 to 30 tons, providing flexibility for different production requirements. The QO-5557 high-cycle spark protection system ensures the safety of the high-cycle mold by offering exceptional sensitivity and preventing burnouts. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a high-frequency stabilizer and shielding device, minimizing interference and radio disturbances. These features prevent frequency drift caused by improper operation, minimize damage to electrodes and materials, and illuminate warning lights for added safety.

Applications of the Automatic Disc Type High-Frequency Fuse Machine with Mechanical Pick-Up:

This advanced machine is primarily designed for product processing that necessitates high-frequency fusion and synchronous cutting. It excels in sealing packaging for double-sided blister shells made of environmentally friendly materials such as APET, PETG, and GAG. It is also ideal for blister paper card packaging, toothbrush sealing packaging, and the fusion and fusing of EVA fabric leather, genuine leather, OPP, and PU materials.

The Automatic Disc Type High-Frequency Fuse Machine with mechanical product retrieval revolutionizes production processes, offering a labor-saving and high-speed solution for mass production needs. With its exceptional capabilities, this machine maximizes production output, saves valuable resources, and ensures superior quality in the manufacturing industry. Experience the future of automated production with Qiao's cutting-edge high-frequency fuse technology.


Mainly used in PVD, APET, PETG, GAG environmental protection material double-sided blister packaging, blister sealing kit packaging, toothbrush seal packing, EVA cloth leather, leather, OPP, PU material welding and fusing. as like  handbag, pencil box/id card sleeve ,small spraying toys, leather products, carpet, plastic inflatable products clothes and shoes embossing tool, trademark, box, air tool, carpet, package bag, heat water bag, medical treatment articles, stationary, photo album, physical good, pvc folding box, glass box, garment logo welding and shoe upper etc....

1. To seal blister of PVC,  PET-G, PET-GAG, A-PET... 
2. Clear blister packaging 
3. Plastic clam-shell packaging 
4. Plastic Blister with plastic blister packages 
5. Plastic blister with cardboard packages 
6. Positive/negative blister forming and packaging
It is especially designed for HF welding is a perfect machine for production of blister packages, 
But it is multipurpose machine, for it can be used for industry like PU leather cover for pad,, safety vests, reflective signs, inflatable toys, cosmetics, folding packing box, automotive, medical, rehabilitation, packaging, recreation, textile and clothing, reflective garments,.etc.


Main Feature:

1. Anti-flash system, to protect the tooling / mould; C-Frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator
2. Equipped with special high precision rotary indexing gear controlled by frequency inverter. 
3. Automated HF weld cycles with adjustable rotating speed
4. Heated Upper platen with thermostat, for helping HF sealing process
5. Close off HF welding function, the machine can be use as Standard Heat Welder 
6. Universal usage for PVC, PET-G,A-PET,GAG, PU,  PLA films
7. European-model square high frequency vibration box, more reliable and stable in output
8. Customer's site installation, training & maintenance available 
9. Online service by Email, Fax, Video Online- allowing remote live video servicing of basic setup and repairs through the use of face-to-face online video.
10. High frequency welding press pneumatically operated
11. equipped the simple manipulator automatic take out the product

Our Services

Pre-sales service
 1) Inquiry and consulting support 
2) Samples testing support 
3) View our factory

After-sales service
1) Training how to install the machine and use the machine .1-2days machine training free in our factory.

2) Engineers available to service machine overseas.  

3) Our warranty is 1 year, all machine part can be replaced for free within 1year if broken(expect for man made).

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Pallet with plywood 

Delivery Detail:

Within 20-30 working days after payment for Machine


Technical Specifications:
Output Power8000W10000W12000W15000W
Anti-Spark SystemNL-5557 High sensitive anti-spark system
Voltage3P AC 380V/220V/440V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency 27.12MHz +/- 0,6 %
Input power15KVA18KVA20KVA25KVA
Oscillation tube7T69RBE3069E31308T85RB 
Max pressure10T15T20T25T
Operation modePneumatic Operated (Hydraulic pressure upon request)
Max gap of electrodes  (mm)200
Size of active horn (mm)150
Working StationsStandard 3 ,4 , 6 , 8 Rotary work stations
Upper Electrode (W*H*L)(mm)300*400300*400350*450400*500
Size of Work Table (L*W)(mm)350*450350*450400*500400*500
Welding time 0.01~9.99s adjustable
Net weight1200KG1200KG1500KG1500KG
Foreseen productivity5~7 cycles/min depending on welding and rotating times, and operator skills

Q:Are you factory?
A:Yes, We are factory, all machine is made by our self and we can provide customize service according to your requirement.
Q:Where is your factory? Can I visit your factory?
A:Our factory is located on SHENZHEN city GuangDong Province. We are warmly welcome you to visit our factory, we can pick you up when you come to ShenZhen bus or train station or airport
Q:How to buy your machine?
A:Please send me inquiry to our email, when we reach a agreement, we will sign a contract to confirm our order.
Q:How to pay our machine?
A:After signing the contract, please pay the 30% TT as deposit to our company bank account, After we received the deposit, we started to arrange production, and please pay the balance 70%  before shipment by TT

     Q:What about your warranty?
    A:Our warranty is 1 year, all machine part can be replaced for free within 1year if broken(not including man made).
     Q:How long we will get the machine?
    A:We and our clients usually choose the delivery by sea, so once you place the order, we will arrange the delivery within 30 days, and about 7-35days(depend the destination port) you will get the machine.
     Q:Are we still need to install the machine after we got?
    A:We will adjust the machine before we deliver to you, also we will send you video and manual to teach you how to use the machine.

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