This machine is mainly equipped with automatic control system, which can automatically and continuously produce .As long as the successful commissioning of the device, it can automatically produce, you can take the product at the back. This machine adopts low loss of European standard coaxial resonator, high frequency output power strong, can in the fastest time to make products, welding, greatly improving production.

The machine need tower with special high frequency fuse mold, in order to achieve welding cutting effect.QIAO company high frequency fusing mold with other companies in the general model of fusing a fundamental difference, fuse fusing machine dies was higher than that of the normal mode is more durable and bottom die does not need to be changed, never worn. Fuse knife mold sustainable use about 10 million times.

Fusing machine cutting pressure can be adjusted in 1--30 tons, and NL-5557 high frequency spark protection system .It is highly sensitive and can prevent the loss of high frequency mould. And a high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device, high frequency interference will be reduced to a minimum, to avoid interference and the frequency drift caused by improper operation.

Output power8000W15000W
Voltage380V 50/60Hz
Frequency27.12MHz 13.56MHz
Input power15KVA25KVA
Oscillator 7T69RB 8T85RB
Maximum pressure1000kg1500kg
Electrode spacing 150MM
Active dimension 150MM
Upper electrode size 300*500mm 500*700mm
Lower electrode size300*500mm 500*700mm
Temperature range30-200adjustable
Welding time0-10Sadjustable
Capacity 6500times/8H