Automatic disposable medical pad making machine, automatic medical pad manufacturing machine, suitable for disposable medical pad, medical mat, medical absorbent pad, absorbent breathable medical pad production!


The auto-medical pad machine ,It is used for producing the following products:

medical adult supplies, disposable mattress pad, bed mat, urine mat, nursing pad,baby urine pad, incontinence pad for old people and so on


Auto- Medical nursing pad machine,Auto- Medical pad making machine features

1. PLC control system ,touch screen configuration and variable frequency drive

2. Equipped with material correction deviation system. It can quickly equip production materials and automatically adjust the position.

3. The production speed of this machine is adjustable, and it is equipped with a high-speed stepping motor.

4. With sprayer glue control system

5. Equipped with two sets of independent cutting device, the length of the layers in the cushion product can be adjusted at will, and the length of both ends of the product can be adjusted.

6. The coil stock variable speed drive control, photoelectric induction feeding, equipped with no material automatic stop device

7. The product can be manufactured with a width of 200-600mm and a length of 200-1200mm. It can be adjusted at will without changing the mold. More specifications can be customized.

8. This machine can produce three layers of compound materials, or customize five layers of compound materials, and can automatically and continuously produce.