high frequency welding machine

QO-5KWYS Multi disc type  high frequency welding  machine 

Disc welding machine based on the size of the power and product demand can be 3 to 6 points or more; automatic disc type high frequency welding machine, the biggest difference between automatic high frequency machine and automatic sliding table high frequency welding machine is automatic slide machine need two person operation, left and right rotation and rotary import processing, can only one person to operate but, according to the complexity of product may take too much time, artificial appearance on production efficiency as the two slide operation of high, but if the product is simple, can save an operator and reach a higher yield. Automatic disc type high frequency welding machine, automatic high frequency machine is commonly called the rotary disc type high frequency machine, high frequency machine, automatic rotary type high frequency machine etc..


High frequency plastic welding machine is the first selection of PVC plastic heat sealing equipment, suitable for;PVC, APET, PETG, PET, leather, fabric and leather and other materials and contain PVC10 % above any of the hard and soft plastic, plastic, leather, fabric can be heat sealing welding sealing packing, embossing indentation, etc., the application in various industries such as:
1.Plastic packing seal
2.Shoes clothing series
3.Ornaments and toys
4.Medical supplies equipment class
5.Car interior products
6.Carpet class door mat mat
7.Welding thermal other classes

Output Power of Generator 5000W 8000W
Voltage 3P AC 380V/220V/440V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency27.12MHz  +/- 0,6 % 
Input power8KVA15KVA
Oscillation tube7T85RB  7T69RB    
Max pressure350KGS500kg
Operation modePneumatic Operated
Max gap of electrodes200mm
Size of active horn150mm
Working Stations:Standard 3~6 Rotary work stations
Upper Electrode (W*H*L)200*350mm300*500mm
Size of Work Table (L*W)300*500mm400*600mm
Welding time 0~10s  adjustable
Net weight400KGS800kgs
Foreseen productivity:   According to welding times and operator skills