Conveyor belt baffle plate welding machine work flow is first to finish the high frequency mold made with baffleorbelt skirtand conveyor belt ,the mould is then installed on the machine on the electrode.
Baffle or belt skirt or conveyor belt is placed in a mold and make it and need welding conveyor belt location corresponding to each other.Put them at high frequency welding machine top and bottom electrode, and then start the machine.

Electrode downward pressure, and high frequency starting, finally reaching the purpose of welding.

Plate welding machine, skirt welding machine, conveyor belt dampers such high frequency welding machine, welding machine can be used to do a high frequency PVC tank welding weld pool, PVC and PVC weld pool, the children can also be used for high frequency car tent canvas feeder, high frequency welding, high frequency, membrane structure tent cloth joining together, outdoor membrane structure of membrane structure welding, welding outdoor shade cloth, high frequency welding, high frequency welding, advertising printing cloth high-frequency welding PVC cloth or of any material of soft PVC plastic of high frequency welding or stitching.



  1. The conveyor belt plate welding machine, conveyor belt, skirt welding machine or conveyor belt welding machine is customized according to the product characteristics.Such as product conveyor belt is longer, so both sides need to be able to place product or material, so about machine need enough space. But the connection or welding surface is not long, so the machine or so narrow.

  2. According to the product features, Conveyor belt with certain width. Some width up to 1 m or more, but mostly within 80 cm. So the products according to customer requirements, in addition to empty out around machine, also need to meet the demand of long specifications before and after, so general conveyor belt baffles welding machine than ordinary before and after the pilot.

  3. Conveyor belt welding machine of high frequency oscillation systems in general are European square coaxial structure, high frequency stable power output. For thick shape materials such as conveyor belt, the welding efficiency is higher.

  4. Conveyor belt skirt welding machine is equipped with a high frequency NL5557 spark protection system. High sensitivity can be adjusted to spark protection can effectively prevent the damage of high frequency welding mold.

  5. Conveyor belt baffles welding time can be set freely according to different material thickness width. High frequency power output is precision adjustable size. Machines have the homology of debugging current, current match different products can be the best. Each weld a solid, the material thickness can be satisfied.

 Scope of application:

  1. Two segments of the conveyor belt, after bonding, smooth and firm.

  2. Welding of conveyor belt: according to different needs, welding of different width, height, slope of the PVC file. Welding heel conveyor belt completely fused together, smooth and strong.

  3. Conveying belt skirt welding: conveyor belt on both sides of the skirt of various shapes, with very precise conveyer belt skirt die, according to the size of the mold segment by segment welding.

  4. In addition to the main three types of products, the baffle welding machine can also be used for a variety of PVC or PVC10% containing more than plastic products, the connection. So called high frequency welding machine, referred to as high frequency machine.



Voltage380V   50/60HZ
Frequency 27.12MHZ
Input power 8KVA 15KVA18KVA20KVA25KVA
RectifierSilicon rectifier diode
Oscillation tube7T85RB7T69RBE3069RBE3130RB8T85RB
Maximum pressure300KG500KG800KG1000KG1200KG
Electrode spacing200mm
Active dimension100mm
Upper electrode size100*400mm100*500mm100*500mm100*800mm100*1000mm
Lower electrode size300*450mm300*500mm350*600mm400*800mm100*1000mm 
Weld time 0---10sdjustable

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