Cylindrical curling machine use :

Cylindrical curling machine usually applies to the production of PVC, GAG, APET,PETG, PP and other plastic cylinder hemming, transparent plastic cylinder issuitable for mass production of packaging, paper packaging, paper feed cylindercylinder packaging, paper tube cylindrical curling packing etc.. The cylinder is the ideal packaging container candy packaging, gift packaging, toy packaging,stationery packing, packaging, packaging of umbrella, fishing gear, badminton chipspackaging, packaging department sheet class leisure food packaging and other products, so the cylindrical curling machine with cylinder machine matching, also apply to these industries. So the cylindrical curling machine also called PVCtransparent cylinder curling machine, APET transparent cylindrical curling machine,PETG cylinder automatic crimping machine, plastic cylinder automatic crimping machine, PP cylinder curling machine, plastic cylinder curling machine, plastic cylinder automatic crimping, paper cylinder automatic crimping, paper feedingcylinder automatic volume edge, paper cylinder automatic crimping machine etc.

cylinder curling machine specifications :

Voltage:                                 3P/380V/ 220V/440V
Electricity power:                    5KW
Pressure range:                       3-5kg/cm2
Pipe diameter:                         8mm
heating disc diameter:       210mm
Curling diameter:                    30-200mm
Curling high:                           15-420mm
product speed:                        2-6s/time
weight:                                      280kg
appearance size:                      1100mm*550mm*1700mm
Welcome to choose  the cylinder curling machine,curling machine, can also according to customer request custom all kinds of equipment