High-frequency fusing machine, synchronous fusing machine categories: Divided into automatic disc high frequency synchronization fusing machine (optional automatic picking manipulator), automatic sliding table high-frequency fusing machine, synchronous fusing machine, manual push disc fusing machine, double head type high-frequency fusing machine, disc high frequency synchronization fusing machine, etc.Is usually referred to as high frequency mobile phone holster fusing machine, high-frequency fusing machine, high frequency synchronization fusing machine, fusing machine, high frequency synchronous cutting machine, cutting machine, high frequency of high frequency synchronization fusing machine,etc.
1)Pressure is big, so the frame stress intensity big, the weight heavier than common welding machine a few times, so stand firm, large shear force is also a key feature of fusing machine.
2)High-frequency fusing machine can be divided into two segments, because the machine adopts the oil pressure, output by air pressure cylinder when fusion welding, after welding is good, oil cylinder and output cut, two output is also a high-frequency fusing machine, one of the main characteristics of synchronous fusing machine.
3)High-frequency fusing machine adopts low loss of European standard coaxial resonator at high frequency, high frequency output power strong, can with the fastest time make welding products, greatly improve the production
4)High-frequency fusing machine, synchronous fusing machine generally require special high-frequency fusing mould, and the high-frequency fusing mold with other company general fuse module and a fundamental difference between the two, namely the fusing machine mold more durable than ordinary fusing mode, bottom die do not need to change, never wear.Fusing machine cutting die sustainable use approx 100000 times

It is mainly used for high frequency welding at the same time must need synchronous cutting products processing, high frequency machine working principle is to use the high frequency welding first, then through the machine is equipped with a pressure device is cut off at the same time.Because is completed at the same time, the so called high frequency synchronization fusing machine.Also known as high-frequency fusing machine, synchronous fusing machine, fusing machine, high frequency synchronous cutting machine, high frequency cutting machine.

Applied  to:
Is mainly suitable for APET, PETG, GAG environmental protection material of reversible blister blister sealing toothbrushes, blister paper card packaging, sealing, and EVA cloth, leather, OPP, PU leather, strap, strap, hot water bag, such as holding bag need welding and synchronous fuse products.


Output Power5000W8000W10000W 12000W 15000W
Anti-Spark System U.S.A.  PL-5557 High sensitive anti-spark system
Voltage 3P AC 380V/220V/440V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency27.12MHz  +/- 0,6 % 
Input power8KVA15KVA         18KVA          20KVA          25KVA
Oscillation tube7T85RB  7T69RB E3069RB E3130RB8T85RB 
Max pressure5T10T15T20T25T
Operation modePneumatic Operated (Hydraulic pressure upon request)
Max gap of electrodes200mm
Size of active horn100mm
Upper Electrode (L*W)300*400mm300*500mm350*500mm 400*500mm400*600mm  
Size of Work Table (L*W)300*450mm300*500mm350*500mm400*500mm400*600mm  
Welding time 0.01~9.99s adjustable
Foreseen productivity: According to welding times and operator skills