Manual left-right push disc high frequency welding machine structure features:
1.push disc with one head high Zhou Boji push plate sliding table operation, workbench panel is divided into left and right sides push plate plate, sliding table around operating mode is driven by the operator, push on either side dish plate welding under alternative on the nose.
2.all the time, high frequency welding process control, equipment is equipped with four time, respectively to control the rise time, fall time, welding time, cooling time is.
3.high frequency welding machine mainly adopts pneumatic cylinders electrode plates on two straight line guide rail drive up and down movement of the operating principle, when the product in place after the electrode press, when welding casting high weeks after compaction, after reaching welding time, the nose electricity and board to rise to the standby state.
4.driving disc high frequency welding machine output high frequency current is strong, stable and reliable performance, the nose can according to need a thermal pressure welding of plastics and plastic material sealing packing requirements adjust at will.
5.push the disc head mainly adopts high frequency welding machine is mould plate type installation way, the mold you just need to install fixed on the tablet, simple and convenient, the main advantage of the plate type head mainly for high frequency mould with larger area of plastic, plastic products, a thermal welding or blister blister sealing.

Output Power of Generator  5000W  8000W
Voltage  3P AC 380V/220V/440V 50Hz-60HZ or customize
Frequency 27.12MHz  +/- 0,6 % 
Input power 8KVA 15KVA
Oscillation tube 7T85RB   7T69RB    
Max pressure 350KGS 500kg
Operation mode Pneumatic Operated
Max gap of electrodes 200mm
Size of active horn 100mm
Upper Electrode (W*H*L) 200*350mm 400*600mm
Size of Work Table (L*W) 400*600mm 500*700mm
Welding time  0~10s adjustable
Welcome to choose  the Manual left-right push disc high frequency welding machine , synchronous fusing machine, high frequency synchronization fusing machine, can also according to customer request custom all kinds of equipment