1、 Principle of automatic frequency modulation ultrasonic plastic welding machine:

The automatic frequency modulation ultrasonic plastic welding machine converts 50/60 Hz current into high-frequency electrical energy of 15KHZ, 20KHZ, and 35KHZ kilohertz through an ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electrical energy is then converted back into mechanical motion of the same frequency through an ultrasonic transducer. The mechanical motion is then transmitted to the ultrasonic welding head through a set of amplitude modulation devices that can change the amplitude. The welding head transfers the received ultrasonic vibration energy to the joint of the workpiece to be welded. The ultrasonic vibration energy in this area is converted into thermal energy through high-speed friction, melting the plastic. The welding time and welding head pressure of the ultrasonic plastic welding machine can be adjusted, and the amplitude is determined by the transducer and amplitude lever.

 high frequency welding machine

2、 Classification of automatic frequency modulation ultrasonic plastic welding machine:

A. Automatic frequency modulation ultrasonic plastic welding machine, abbreviated as ultrasonic machine, is mainly divided into ultrasonic plastic welding machines based on power and performance:

1. Small power and high frequency products such as QO-2830 handheld spot welding machine, handheld bead ironing machine, etc!

2. High power and high-frequency machines, such as 28K, 35K, 800W, 1000W desktop machines for high-precision welding, and split type ultrasonic machines.

3. Common models with medium frequency and power, such as commonly used 20K, 1500W machines, 20K, 2000W split type integrated machines

4. A machine with low frequency and high power, such as 3200W. 4200W all-in-one machine and more!

B. According to the frame structure, it is mainly divided into handheld ultrasonic machines, split ultrasonic plastic welding machines, integrated ultrasonic welding machines, and automatic rotary ultrasonic fusion machines

C. According to the operating mode, there are mainly three types of ultrasonic machines: handheld, manual, and automatic.

high frequency welding machine 

3、 Features of automatic frequency modulation ultrasonic plastic welding machine:

Automatic frequency regulation, the machine will automatically match according to the mold frequency, eliminating the need for manual frequency regulation.

Whole machine CNC machining with high precision

Newly improved and more optimized performance

Original piezoelectric ceramic transducer with strong and stable output

Titanium alloy amplitude converter, durable and long-lasting

Frequency modulation and automatic frequency compensation circuit

Debugging and setting the soft start circuit to avoid damaging the mold

A complete set of high-quality imported parts and components, with quality assurance

High welding efficiency and low defect rate

 high frequency welding machine

4、 The uses of ultrasonic welding machines include:

Ultrasonic welding: With the ultrasonic welding of the mold, ultrasonic vibration transmits ultrasonic energy to the plastic surface for welding, resulting in local high temperature and melting of the plastic surface. Under the pressure of the ultrasonic welding machine, the two pieces of plastic are fused together to achieve a beautiful and sturdy effect.

Ultrasonic implantation: placing nuts, screws, or other metals onto plastic workpieces. Transfer ultrasonic energy to the metal through an ultrasonic machine. After generating heat through high-speed vibration, the metal object is directly buried into the plastic under the pressure of an ultrasonic machine.

Ultrasonic spot welding: Using a small welding head of an ultrasonic machine, two plastic products are divided into multiple welding points, or a row of toothed welding heads are directly pressed onto two plastic workpieces to achieve the effect of ultrasonic spot welding.

Ultrasonic riveting: Joining metal and plastic, or two pieces of plastic with different properties, can be done using ultrasonic riveting method, making the welded part less prone to embrittlement, beautiful, and sturdy.

Ultrasonic molding: Using an ultrasonic machine to instantly melt plastic workpieces into shape, when the plastic solidifies, it can make metal or other materials of plastic firm.

Ultrasonic cutting: Using a special design method of ultrasonic welding molds and substrates, the effect of ultrasonic cutting of fabrics or plastics is achieved through the transmission of ultrasonic waves.


5、 Specification parameters of automatic frequency modulation ultrasonic plastic welding machine:

Specification:            QO-2020Z            QO-2026Z           QO-1526Z                QO-1532Z               QO-1542Z

Output power (W): 2000W                    2600W                 2600W                     3200W                      4200W

Frequency (KHz):    20KHZ                    20KHZ                  15KHZ                     15KHZ                       15KHZ

Input voltage (V):                                                                  220V

Welding head stroke:                                                          100MM

Output time (S):                                                                0.01-6S

Air pressure (bar):                                                Air pressure range 1-7 bar

Welding area (mm):  200,                      220,                        250,                             310,                            400

Using compressor: 2HP

External dimensions mm:  Host size 700 x 400 x 1300,                  chassis size 600 x 440 x 160

Net weight (kg):   75kg                        80kg                       80kg                            85kg                         136kg


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