Features of cylinder direct pressure double head high frequency welding machine:

1. The welding time of the double-headed high-frequency machine is preset and adjustable, and the double-heads work alternately and mechanically interlock; the double-headed foot-operated high-frequency welding machine is suitable for welding difficult-to-align products, and can also be selected according to pressure requirements. device. The design of the high-frequency welding head utilizes the toggle lever principle, which can make the pressure uniform during PVC welding. In order to meet the needs of high-frequency welding depth, the pressure of the high-frequency welding head can be adjusted arbitrarily.

2. Double-head high-frequency machine is also called PVC plastic high-frequency heat sealing machine. Qiao high-frequency double-head machine adopts high-Q value electronic oscillation tube, international industry standard high-frequency frequency band, and high-frequency frequency output is stable. It is equipped with an automatic overcurrent protection system. When the high-frequency current load exceeds the limit value, the high-frequency machine will automatically cut off the high-frequency wave, protect the high-frequency machine oscillation tube from damage, avoid the high-frequency frequency drift caused by improper operation, and reduce the high-frequency mold and material damage to lowest.

3. The double-head high-frequency welding machine is equipped with a high-frequency frequency stabilizer and a high-frequency magnetic field shielding system device to minimize high-frequency interference. The high-frequency heat sealing machine adopts a low-loss European coaxial oscillator, and is equipped with a heating device and a stepless heating temperature adjustment device, which makes the high-frequency PVC plastic heat sealing machine work more efficiently.


 Application of cylinder direct pressure double head high frequency welding machine in various industries:

1. High-frequency welding in the toy stationery industry, such as: gift bags, basketball embossing, film, photo albums, business card inner pages, welding, mouse pads, mirror box welding and embossing, etc.;

2. High-frequency welding of leather goods and luggage industry: welding, embossing, heat sealing, fusing, embossing of towel bags, etc. of leather, leather goods and leather;

3. High-frequency welding of door mats and floor mats in the carpet industry: PVC door mat embossing, door mat welding, plastic door mat embossing, carpet embossing, floor mat welding, foot mat embossing, seat cushion embossing, S-shaped foot mat welding , Electric vehicle foot pad embossing, foot pad welding, motorcycle seat pad, seat pad welding, etc.;

4. High-frequency welding of automotive interior products industry: automotive steering wheel cover, anti-lattice heat sealing, reflective paste heat sealing, reflective film heat sealing, car cushion, seat cushion, foot pad welding, backrest, foot pad embossing, etc.;

5. High-frequency welding for welding and heat sealing in other industries: life jackets, drifting boats, drifting boats, floating rows, curtains, shower curtains, inflatable pools, swimming pools, health mattresses, jade mattresses, inflatable mattresses, inflatable sofas, wire harnesses, Water bladder etc.



Specifications of cylinder direct pressure double head high frequency welding machine:

Model:                                     QO-5KWSQ                              QO-8KWSQ

High frequency power:           5000W                                      8000W

Power supply voltage:                            380V/50/60HZ 

Frequency:                                                 27.12MHZ

Input power:                             8KVA                                       15KVA

Rectifier:                                    Silicon Diode Silicon Diode

Oscillation tube:                        7T85RB                                   7T69RB

Maximum output:                     350kg                                      350kg

Electrode Spacing:                    160mm                                    160mm

Activities Size:                            60mm                                     60mm

Upper electrode size:                120*290mm                            120*290mm

Lower electrode size:                350*700mm                             350*700mm

Welding time:                           0---10 seconds                          0---10 seconds

Production capacity:                  ㄑ3500 times/8H ㄑ3500 times/8H

Pressurization method:              pneumatic drive pneumatic drive

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