Welding principle:
The hot plate machine exploit the fact that electrothermal melting principle,Control temperature changes, with perfect mechanical means for perfect welding.It compensates for the lack of ultrasonic welding for welding large and special plastic parts.The plastic component to be fused is heated by a metal plate having a higher melting point than the plastic material, and is heated at the joint surface of the fused joint to melt the joint of the plastic part.After the contact surface is melted, the hot metal plate is removed, and the upper and lower plastic parts are pressed to fuse the joint. It can meet the requirements of watertight and airtight after welding, and is suitable for welding various shapes, sizes and various thermoplastic parts. It is a welding process with wide application, economical and practical, and high production efficiency.

Scope of application:
It is mainly used for welding of thermoplastic materials such as PE, PP, ABS, nylon, acrylic, POM, etc. and plastic parts with large and complex weld area. As such car lights, car water tanks, washing machine water plugs, batteries, steam irons, car tails, car dashboards, board, dust buckets, washing machine balance ring lights, And the welding of other irregular shaped plastic products....etc.

Machine introduction:
The hot plate machine welds the plastic components through a temperature-controlled heating plate. When heating, the heating plate device is used between two plastic parts. When the workpiece is in close contact with the hot plate, the plastic begins to melt. After the heat time elapses, the material is heated under the heating element, the molecules reach the molten state, and the heating plate is retracted. In a short time, the two plastic parts are pressed under a certain pressure, and are integrated into each other by molecular motion, and after cooling for a certain period of time, The two plastic parts will be fused together and achieve a certain welding strength, thus achieving the welding function.

Machine features:
1.Easy to learn and operate.
2. The transmission system is driven by pneumatic, hydraulic drive or servo motor.
3. Can be applied to workpieces of different sizes without area limitation
4. Can Perfect welding for irregular workpieces without any other consumables
5. The welding surface can allow the plastic allowance to be compensated, and the welding strength is guaranteed.
6. According to the needs of various materials, the welding procedure can be adjusted, and the design is smart enough to meet the production needs.
7. It adopts man-machine interface and PLC control system, which is intuitive and convenient to operate.
8. Digital display temperature controller, the welding temperature is more stable
9. Fast speed, labor saving and high production efficiency

ModelQO-4040RB QO-R5070RB
Table size400*400mm500*700mm
Transmission systemPneumatic  drive optionalPneumatic drive optional
Power supplyAC 220V or 380V 50HZ
Output power10-70KW 10-70KW 
Temperature control0-5000C0-5000C
Input pressure0.6-1.0Mpa 0.6-1.0Mpa 
Control SystemPLC control systemPLC control system
Total size
Total net weight350kg1000kg

Q:Are you factory?
A:Yes, We are factory, all machine is made by our self and we can provide customize service according to your requirement.
Q:Where is your factory? Can I visit your factory?
A:Our factory is located on SHENZHEN city GuangDong Province. We are warmly welcome you to visit our factory, we can pick you up when you come to ShenZhen bus or train station or airport
Q:How to buy your machine?
A:Please send me inquiry to our email, when we reach a agreement, we will sign a contract to confirm our order.

Q:How to pay our machine?
A:After signing the contract, please pay the 30% TT as deposit to our company bank account, After we received the deposit, we started to arrange production, and please pay the balance 70%  before shipment by TT

Q:What about your warranty?
A:Our warranty is 1 year, all machine part can be replaced for free within 1year if broken(not including man made).
Q:How long we will get the machine?
A:We and our clients usually choose the delivery by sea, so once you place the order, we will arrange the delivery within 30 days, and about 7-35days(depend the destination port) you will get the machine.
Q:Are we still need to install the machine after we got?
A:We will adjust the machine before we deliver to you, also we will send you video and manual to teach you how to use the machine.