Double-end high frequency machine ,Pneumatic double-end high frequency welding machines in various industries use:
1.Toys stationery industry of high frequency weldingOne: eg. Gift bags, basketball, embossing, thin, photo albums, name card inside pages, welding, mouse pads, mirror box welding embossing, etc.;

2.Leather leather luggage industry of high frequency welding: genuine leather,

leather, leather welding, embossing, thermal fuse, towel bags embossing, etc.;
3.Door mat mat carpet industry of high frequency welding: PVC door mat embossed

plastic door, door mat welding, welding pad printing, embossing, carpet mat, floor MATS,

embossed, embossing, S type floor mat cushion welding, electric car floor mat embossing

welding, locomotive, cushion, cushion, mat, etc.;
4.Car interior supplies industry of high frequency welding, car steering wheel

cover, the lattice thermal bonding, reflective bounding, reflective film heat-seal, car

cushion, cushion, floor mat welding, back of a chair, floor MATS, embossing, etc.;
5.Welding thermal bonding in other industries of high frequency welding: jackets, drifting

boat, drifting boat, floating row, curtains, shower curtain, inflatable pool, swimming

pool, health mattress, jade mattress, inflatable mattress, sofa, wiring harness, blowing

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